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Aarigaa is a ministry of community. It is Aarigaawesome to see God welcome us into His Presence, even as we welcome others into our fellowship. Aarigaa is Inupiaq for: “It is sweet,” or, “It is good.”

First Covenant and CYAK (Covenant Youth of Alaska) partnered to serve Christ through making a welcoming space for rural students coming into Anchorage out of village communities. Out of that sense of mission, Aarigaa was born. It is now a healthy, thriving group of young people – both urban and rural who love God, who love being together, and who have come to love this community God has blessed them with. If you want to know more visit the Aarigaa website here.


The Aarigaa House is an opportunity for Anchorage based, college-aged young adults to live off campus in intentional Christian community.

Together, the members of the community work toward spiritual growth, personal and communal development, and academic success. The end goal is to honor, worship, and thank God for who He is by living lives that reflect this focus. The Arigaa House is an awesome place! Here you will find something very different from the dorms or living with family in Anchorage.

The House provides an academically encouraging environment, a socially fun community, and a group of adults young and old that will go out of their way to help you succeed in schooling and training.

To learn more about the Aarigaa House, click here!

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